What To Expect In Your Reading


What Are You Wondering About?

Is it your life purpose, a career change, how to attract a new relationship, or how to add some pizzazz to your life? Would you like input before making a decision? Would you be comforted hearing whatever your Angels would like you to know? 

I felt very comforted after my first series of readings using Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle cards. I repeatedly received the card that says, “Angel Therapy” with this message from Archangel Raphael. “Give your cares and worries to us Angels, and allow us to take your burdens.” 

What a relief. I no longer carry worry or uncertainty. I feel so much more peace of mind now that I take my questions to the Angels. And you can, too. 


Preparing For An Angel Card Reading

It's easy. All you have to do is look into your heart to clarify your question, because the Angels always answer the question that is in your heart.

Make sure that your question applies to YOU, and is focused on YOUR life. Leave your question open-ended. For example, instead of asking a Yes or No question, ask a question that leaves room for the Angels to give you many insights, like “How can I improve my current romantic relationship?” If you need help, I am happy to help you refine your question.

You contact me so we can arrange a mutually convenient time for your reading, when you can enjoy being relaxed in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. You pay for your reading online before your appointment.


What To Expect During A Reading

To be sure you are centered and calm, I lead you on a brief guided meditation when you give your Angels permission to help. We invite your Angels and Guides to join us and set an intention to be open to all guidance for your highest good. While we both hold your question in your thoughts, I shuffle the Oracle card deck that I am guided to use. I listen to intuitive guidance, which tells me which cards to pull and lay out for your reading. 

The cards are so beautiful, and can be so inspiring, that I take a photo of the spread of cards in your reading and text or email the photo to you. You can see the powerful images, think about what the images and colors mean to you, and feel whatever inspiration and/or emotion the images evoke.

We share our initial reaction to seeing the cards. Then I describe the cards to you, and we explore what they may mean, asking you questions for clarity on your situation, as needed. I share whatever intuitive information the Angels give me. You can share whatever thoughts and feelings arise. 

We offer gratitude, and set a closing intention of being open to any further guidance that may come to either one of us in the future. You receive and digest the information, hopefully with joy, peace of mind, and motivation for moving forward. Later, I will check in with you to see what you are experiencing, and to share any further insights.


Tips For A Richer Reading

During a reading, you can let your beautiful mind and ego take a rest, and shift your attention to your heart. Angels speak only with love. You can hear them best when you listen from your heart with your intuition and creativity dialed up. 

Keep an open mind about the possible answers, because the answers can come in many different forms. The Angels will sometimes remind you of your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you might not have noticed, or might be ignoring. Angels are creative, and may turn your attention in any direction, or use any of your senses to make an impression on you. They may even send a song, a person, or an animal to “speak” to you. The possibilities are limitless, so pay attention, be open and have fun! 

Steven Cassingham