What Are Angel Cards?


Have you heard of Angels Cards before, or maybe seen them in a bookstore? Maybe you have purchased some and used them at home. If not, I am happy to introduce you.

I primarily use Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards. So I will quote Doreen to describe the cards.  "Oracle cards are an ancient divination tool that will allow you to clearly receive messages from God and the Angels. These cards are infused with the energy of Divine light and love, so rest assured that they are safe, positive, and amazingly accurate."

My first experience with Angel cards came decades ago when a friend suggested that I ask particular Archangels for help. She would tell me which Angel liked to help with the types of issue I was facing. She had some cards, and each card had information about one Archangel. I had heard of Archangel Michael, and Archangel Gabriel, though I did not know that information was available about so many other Archangels. 

Working with the Angels in this way was comforting to me, so I wanted to get Angel cards just like my friend's. Though when I looked for them, I could not find them. It appeared that they were no longer in print. I found a few other card decks, though they did not resonate with me the way my friend's deck did. Over the years, I worked with a Fairy card deck with a little book to explain the cards, and I worked with Runes, and found them very insightful.

Fast forward a few decades. (To be continued...)