Angels Answer Effortlessly


My Angels have my ongoing permission to help in any way possible. That way, if I forget to ask, they can still jump in with answers, without violating my free will. It still pleasantly surprises and delights me every time the Angels send help. I simply feel blessed, as if I am receiving some kind of delicious magic. 

Recently, I was disappointed that a new humidifier had stopped working after less than a month. It would not turn on, or stay on at any setting. I remembered that one person mentioned this problem in the reviews. So I made a mental note to contact the company.

Ever an optimist, my first strategy is to check the instructions for trouble- shooting tips in case I am overlooking something obvious. However, after looking for the manual, and not finding it, I decided it was best to contact the company.

The next morning, I sat down at the computer to do that. As I typed in the website, an idea floated into my head. What if the humidifier was out of water? Since it has an automatic shut off, maybe it would refuse to work without water. That made sense to me. The water reservoir is translucent, so it is not easy to see the water level without opening it. 

So I walked into the next room and opened the humidifier. Sure enough, it was out of water. I filled it. The motor began to hum, and it began working perfectly.

I noticed how that idea had floated in just at the moment I was going to contact the company. It came in quickly and effortlessly. I recognized it as a gift from my Angels. Thanks, Angels. I so appreciate your help.